Sunday, July 17, 2011

18th July Moeraki Boulders

It was frosty this morning, so I went looking for spider’s webs but didn’t really find any. When we were all up and ready we got in the car and popped into town to change some money (the exchange rate has changed and not in our favour) and then we headed for Moeraki boulders (a 90 minute drive – unless you get stuck behind slow moving traffic, then it can take 2 hours). Highlights along the way were a silver leaf shape on the mountains, the scenery (of course) and a search for wild wallabies – they were introduced from Australia and are now a pet here.


I had the small lens on so it’s not so big!

The boulders are strange, How they remain spherical after all this time is any bodies guess but we had a good wander round and Geoff enjoyed finding starfish in the rock pools.


We finished with a trip to the cafe and a milkshake for Maddy. (The ones in Dahab are still the best she has ever had, so she tells me.)


Then back to Lynn’s via McDonalds in Oamaru to catch up on the blog . . . .

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