Monday, August 24, 2015

Wedding Aniversary

20 years! So we traveled to York to The Four Poster Lodge where we played tourist. The York Chocolate Story was well worth a visit - we got to make our own lollies and were given samples on the way round, result :) .

On the Saturday we visited Castle Howard, the York Cold War Bunker and the National Railway Museum (more fridge magnets for the collection.


                                                                                                               The Cold War Bunker was only closed in 1991 but needed a lot of repairs before it could be opened to the public viewing as there had been some flooding.


And finally on the Saturday The National Railway Museum.

Sunday was the final day and we went to the air museum and then Bolsover  Castle  on the way back.

There has been quite a lot of work done since our last visit, when we were living in Egypt including the wall walk, the garden and redecorating of the star room.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wales Day 5

Mainly a drive home today but we did manage to pop into one or two places. First we went to King Arthur's Labyrinth to hear the Welsh version of King Arthur's story as we traveled by boat deep underground into an old slate mine, no flash phtography. When we crossed the border back into England we came back via Clun Castle (via some more dodgy single track road - there have been quite a few of them this week).

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wales Day 4

Another day another set of amazing trips: Caernarfon Air Museum, a burial chamber, a castle (but not much of one), another burial chamber, castle Bryn Gwyn, Llys Rhosyr, Penmon priory and dovecote, St. Seiriol's Well and finally to end the day Penmon lighthouse.

this was the last thing we thought we'd see in the air museum.






Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wales Day 3

Another busy day today: a slate mine, 2 castles a slate museum and a ride to the top of Snowdon on the train to look at the view of the inside of a cloud - not to be missed.
The slate mine tour was really interesting and nicely lit, they even store cheese down there while it matures.

I think we'd been here before.

The second castle was new to us and we found it wandering towards the slate museum because it looked like rain. The Hydro electric plant behind Geoff took bookings for tours but the next available one was Saturday.


We didn't really have time to see everything at this free museum.


The ride up the mountain takes an hour and the you get 30  minutes at the top to look round, it was cold (-1 with wind chill factor), windy and slightly cloudy while we were there so we ate do-nuts while we waited to come back down. The views going up and down were awesome, the railway had a policy of asking you to switch sides in the carriage so you got to see both sides.