Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Tank Museum

For our first trip away we traveled to Dorset, staying at Crawford House a grade II listed house for our B&B(right) and a pub with loads of gluten free options(more of this later).

We were in Bovington to visit the tank museum as they were having a a 'Weapons across the Ages' events and, joy of joys, it was a Poke Gym with about 10 Poke Stops around the site. On the Friday we explored the museum.
To end our exploring for the day we went to Lulworth Cove a World Heritage Site.


Leek Wootton Walk

We've only managed to walk round shops for the past few week so this week we made a real effort to get out. Leek Wootton is 10 minutes down the road on the way to school and there is a 7 mile walk.

imagine our surprise at finding an old POW camp on the way back to the car!

It's the Holidays

Two weeks over already and we are just back from our weekend jaunt. Maddison had to stay at home as she is working 2 jobs at the moment, one at a pub (The Racehorse) at the other in The Knights Village at Warwick Castle. So much for my dream of a free cleaner for the hols!
Geoff and I have managed 2 country walks so far. One round Leek Wotton and the other in the countryside around Meriden (the centre of England). Imagine our surprise to find a poke stop and poke gym as we wandered across the countryside near Meriden!

We've also had one last trip to Blenheim Palace before the passes ran out, all three of us made this one. No guesses as to what these 2 were playing!

and again in York!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kenilworth Jousting 25th June

It's that time of the year again, so we picked Maddy up from work and headed into Kenilworth for the Grand Medieval Joust. We knew where to park, where to get the bus from and what would be there when we arrived. The only thing that made the day slightly unpredictable was the British weather. As we wandered the site looking at the blacksmith and piles of armour waiting for their knights we reached the English Heritage gift tent when the heavens opened. It was a short sharp shower and everything was quickly back on track with an ice cream as we wandered across to watch the falconry display.

From there it was time for the highlight of my day at least as we made our way to the field at the back of the castle for the jousting. There were changes this year, no longer were we supporting knights from the North, South, East and West instead we had named competitors from as far afield as Russia and for the first time a woman! All was going well, the individual bouts were finished and it was time for the grand final when first the ground was declared unsafe and then the heavens opened again. Luckily the lady jouster, in red, had won her bouts and was declared champion for the day before we all sought shelter.

It was time to move on and Maddy's first big purchase with her own money. We were after a PS4 from Argos but much to her disappointment there were none available so she very bravely came home and bought it from another supplier. Perfect end to a very damp day.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

A busy weekend for Geoff. I took him for a walk around Lemington on Saturday through the parks, along the heritage trail and down the side of the canal, we even found time to divert around the shops!

 Geoff on a bridge.

On Sunday it was Wings and Wheels at Wellesbourne airfield. Old cars, vintage cars and the Vulcan taxied down the runway with a wheely (the nose lifted from the ground). A model Vulcan flew, it is quite a large model just 5 lbs short of the maximum weight, so I took a few snaps of that as well.


 modelreal one