Saturday, July 4, 2015

oops forgot the 28th June

This is the Vulcan's last flying season round the various air shows, but this weekend (27th-28th) she was doing a lap around the UK over all her sister planes. The weather was British, so dull, overcast and cloudy but Geoff and I nipped off to Wellesbourne to get these pictures, should I ever get round to photo shopping them there may be a blue sky one day!
The Vulcan fly in from Coventry, circled the airfield twice and then carried south.

University Weekend

Tis the season to visit the universities your daughter might want to attend and see what type of course is offered and have a look at the local. This weekend it was the turn of Bangor in North Wales, as this was a 4 hour drive in UK traffic we traveled on the Friday night and stayed in the local Travel Lodge. The room was much better than last time except for the wifi signal not reaching our room so Geoff was at a bit of a loss, suprisingly enough the torrential thunder storm put him off sitting at the picnic tables outside, so he was reduced to sleeping earlier than usual which meant he woke up earlier even though he had done the driving!
Maddison seemed to like the courses offered at Bangor and the way they linked together, the idea of game design and writing the story lines for them caught her imagination. The buildings ranged between something old (eg Hogwarts) to a new student accommodation block that opens next year. Everything was seen by mid day so we picked up lunch from Asda and nipped across the Menai Straits to Anglesey for lunch at Beaumaris castle and afternoon doughnuts at the sea life zoo (hidden away but well worth the search)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just Another Weekend

A bit of a busy weekend to be honest. Saturday was the open day at Warwick University and as they offer the Creative Writing course Maddison is interested in we were there to look round the campus and listen to the talk from the English department. That done we drove to Lemmington Spa to drop off a job application for Maddy to volunteer in the RSPB charity shop, hopefully they will get back to her soon and let her know if she can work there,
Sunday was Father's day here in the UK so Geoff got the usual pile of Airfix models after we got back from Wellesbourne "Wings and Wheels" a mixture of classic cars and, surprisingly enough, areoplanes. As Wellesbourne is a working airfield the static display aircraft all flew in so we got to see them all land, and yes there was a spitfire. The highlight of our day was the Vulcan with it's taxi run and the wheely it did halfway down the runway (no flight, there is one flying Vulcan that flew over later in the afternoon after we had left)!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cosford Air Show

Sunday 14th June

Off to Cosford to see the Vulcan fly in it's last season. 90 minutes on the M54 waiting in traffic but well worth the wait. F16 was amazing, spitfires, hurricanes, the Red Arrows, wing walkers on Bi planes a great day out. It is the last flying season for the "Yellow Budgie" Sea King helicopter as well as they are retiring and handing over their air sea rescue operation to a civilian company.
We took chairs to sit on and even remembered a picnic this time, although it's really heavy to carry round. We saw the model of a spitfire made for a James (Top Gear) May tv show, the RAF parachute team, a craft fair, pipe band and of course the museum to walk round. The sky was UK overcast and grey. One day I will visit a show with blue skies for my photos!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Warwick Castle

Sunday 7th June
Went for a bit of a walk round the local castle in between church and lunch. There weren't many shows on, only the birds, jousting hasn't started yet and the trebuchet wasn't working. We saw all sorts of fish in the river though perch, pike, carp, rudd and roach and the water lilies should be out in the next few weeks.
The boat house had burnt down since we were there last, at the end of Easter according to the news on Google.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Knights Tournament

Living near Kenilworth we are able to visit the castle whenever we are free, last weekend (May 25th) it was the Knights Tournament so we went to see the knights, juggling and falconry.

A complaint

So I had an email the other day complaining that now I was back in the UK I'd stopped blogging and none of my international friends (of which there are many) knew what I was doing! In response to this here is an update.
Saturday 23rd May went to the SSE Arena to see the DR Who Symphonic Spectacular - AMAZING

We got there via the Sea Life Centre and the British Museum. 

Sunday 24th May VE day Celebrations at Duxford air musem near Cambridge. Air hangers, Red Arrows, stalls, people in 1940's dress, spitfires in the air. We went with Geoff's Mum and Bob for the day and left with 4 or 5 fridge magnets.