Saturday, April 9, 2016

We walked on Dartmoor

So after weeks of not walking anywhere other than locally on the streets of Warwick we got away for a short break over Easter. We went to The Manor Hotel near Okehampton, a craft, sport and spa hotel where we enjoyed full board. The meals were so good Geoff put 6 pounds back on as he felt obliged to eat as much as he could, breakfast was a cooked meal, so was lunch and the evening meal was 3 courses, plus a free bottle of wine on Thursday night that we brought home.
Because we went over Easter we drove down on Easter Sunday and stayed at the Kitley Hotel near Portsmouth overnight.

The following day, because we didn't know the system at the hotel, we visited Dartmoor zoo
 , the National Aquarium in Portsmouth
went and parked on Dartmoor where we were accosted by ponies wanting to be fed. Maddy gave them an apple and got asked not to by the park wardens!
We popped into Lyde Castle as the final visit before we got to the hotel

At the hotel we spent our time making pottery, swimming, eating, archery, falconry, glass painting, card making, jewelry making and wood cutting. Amazing!
Geoff and I managed 2 walks on the moors as well. The weather on the first walk was very mixed, sun, hail, snow, rain, we got them all :).Wringing out the gloves!

The weather for the second walk was much better, hence the extra pictures. From the top we could could see from the English Channel to the Irish Sea and on the way down we went past bronze age homes and burial site.

Monday, February 15, 2016


We moved on this morning but before we left Geoff and I went for a quick walk on the moors. There had been a light smattering of snow overnight and it was freezing (literally!) so we only did a mile or so before heading to Leeds.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

An Expedition to the North

We didn't manage to walk anywhere the last couple of weeks , but now it's half term we're at it again. Maddison had an open day at York St Johns on Saturday for people they had given offers to so we made a weekend of it coming up to Leeds on the Friday after school, then onto York for the day sleeping in Hull. On Sunday we drove across to Haworth, as you do, to see the Bronte museum and so Maddy could get a feel for the place as Wuthering Heights is one of her A level texts. As well as the museum we went for a Valentines day ride on a steam train from Haworth to Keighley on the Worth valley railway. This was followed by lunch at the Apothecary Tea Rooms, giant yorkshire puddings with roast beef and gravy followed by apple pie and ice cream for Maddy and Bakewell tart and cream for Geoff. Then Geoff and I did a circular walk taking in Bronte Falls and the moors as the sun began to set before returning to the Apothecary Guest House for the evening.
Tomorrow we head for Leeds and visit Mum but might just get a walk sorted before we go.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

16th January Stratford

Geoff has started playing football after school on a Friday and true to form he has a small injury already so he limped round Stratford today. I wasn't really expecting anything other than shops so only had my phone on me, but there are photos from other times we have been to get the feel of the place. As we walked down the side of the river it was still frozen around the start of the canal, further down the river there was turbulence from the weir and general flow of the water so swans were swimming and rowers were starting their practise.
 Holy Trinity Church RSC Theatre Shakespeare's Birth place Hall's Croft home of daughter and grand daughter and his grave!

Ryton Pools 9th Jan

We tried to avoid the mud on this walk so we turned to one of Warwickshire's county parks. Allegedly 12 minutes drive away, with the vague map on the web site we drove for 30 minutes before succumbing to using the internet. After arriving we wandered round on the none muddy paths, past ice cream vans, a sensory garden and the 'pools'. We popped into the bird hide put only spotted some mallards and a moor hen.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

1st January 2016 Coventry Canal

To get in our 10 000 steps I try to find different places to walk. At present it’s a little muddy going over fields and footpaths so I’m looking for road walking (not my favourite) or places where it will be less wet. Living in canal country as we do at the moment we are looking for circular walks involving tow paths. Today’s excursion took us into Coventry (with the ulterior motive of picking Maddison up from a friend’s house). Parking at Ikea we walked across town to the Canal Basin.

From here we wandered along the tow path for 4 of the bridges before we needed to turn back. Over the top of some bridges there is a piece of art work depicting the journey we might have made given sufficient time.
 Viewed from one direction it looks somewhat like a snake with an open mouth, this end is actually the canal basin we started at.
Some of the art work along our way was reworked by spray can artists, which fitted in with the photos I didn’t take of the rubbish along our path.
We walked back into Coventry via the road that crosses bridge 4 and found our way via Sandwell Park which had free exercise equipment for people to use (we didn’t).