Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kenilworth Jousting 25th June

It's that time of the year again, so we picked Maddy up from work and headed into Kenilworth for the Grand Medieval Joust. We knew where to park, where to get the bus from and what would be there when we arrived. The only thing that made the day slightly unpredictable was the British weather. As we wandered the site looking at the blacksmith and piles of armour waiting for their knights we reached the English Heritage gift tent when the heavens opened. It was a short sharp shower and everything was quickly back on track with an ice cream as we wandered across to watch the falconry display.

From there it was time for the highlight of my day at least as we made our way to the field at the back of the castle for the jousting. There were changes this year, no longer were we supporting knights from the North, South, East and West instead we had named competitors from as far afield as Russia and for the first time a woman! All was going well, the individual bouts were finished and it was time for the grand final when first the ground was declared unsafe and then the heavens opened again. Luckily the lady jouster, in red, had won her bouts and was declared champion for the day before we all sought shelter.

It was time to move on and Maddy's first big purchase with her own money. We were after a PS4 from Argos but much to her disappointment there were none available so she very bravely came home and bought it from another supplier. Perfect end to a very damp day.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

A busy weekend for Geoff. I took him for a walk around Lemington on Saturday through the parks, along the heritage trail and down the side of the canal, we even found time to divert around the shops!

 Geoff on a bridge.

On Sunday it was Wings and Wheels at Wellesbourne airfield. Old cars, vintage cars and the Vulcan taxied down the runway with a wheely (the nose lifted from the ground). A model Vulcan flew, it is quite a large model just 5 lbs short of the maximum weight, so I took a few snaps of that as well.


 modelreal one

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A walk around Upton Hall 11-6-16

Despite a pulled  tendon Geoff manfully walked the 5.5 miles around the fields near Upton Hall a National Trust property. England's green and pleasant land around the site of the battle of Edgehill  . . .
  a pub!

 the gate to Upton Hall.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Half Term Sunday

There is a Cold War Jets Museum at Lutterworth near Leicester and on Sunday they were having taxi runs so we headed north to see what was going on. This time Geoff got to sit in a Sea Vixen and we explored the inside of an air bus.

 the noise of the jets was very impressive and we saw/heard Buccaneers and Lightenings amongst others and at one point a spitfire flew overhead.

May Half Term 2016

Busyish sort of week. We started off on the Saturday by driving down the M40 to London and RAF Hendon to sit in a spitfire from midday to 12:30 pm, after wandering around the museum. This was followed by lunch, a specially prepared picnic as getting gluten free, dairy free food in a restaurant is not easy unless you want salad.

We drove back via the M1 and Bletchly Park to see the Enigma machine and the code breakers. A really fascinating museum.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

We walked on Dartmoor

So after weeks of not walking anywhere other than locally on the streets of Warwick we got away for a short break over Easter. We went to The Manor Hotel near Okehampton, a craft, sport and spa hotel where we enjoyed full board. The meals were so good Geoff put 6 pounds back on as he felt obliged to eat as much as he could, breakfast was a cooked meal, so was lunch and the evening meal was 3 courses, plus a free bottle of wine on Thursday night that we brought home.
Because we went over Easter we drove down on Easter Sunday and stayed at the Kitley Hotel near Portsmouth overnight.

The following day, because we didn't know the system at the hotel, we visited Dartmoor zoo
 , the National Aquarium in Portsmouth
went and parked on Dartmoor where we were accosted by ponies wanting to be fed. Maddy gave them an apple and got asked not to by the park wardens!
We popped into Lyde Castle as the final visit before we got to the hotel

At the hotel we spent our time making pottery, swimming, eating, archery, falconry, glass painting, card making, jewelry making and wood cutting. Amazing!
Geoff and I managed 2 walks on the moors as well. The weather on the first walk was very mixed, sun, hail, snow, rain, we got them all :).Wringing out the gloves!

The weather for the second walk was much better, hence the extra pictures. From the top we could could see from the English Channel to the Irish Sea and on the way down we went past bronze age homes and burial site.