Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nile Cruise Day 5


Our last day and what a busy one! We started the morning at the Aswan dam, the old one and the new one and saw one lone crocodile swimming on the Lake Nasser side. From here we travelled to the island Temple of Philae, another Greek/Egyptian temple, you can tell by the change in the way the women are depicted. A boat ride took us to the island it was moved to to preserve it after the Nile was flooded. You can see the old water lines (black markings) around the temple and the faces of the gods the Christians could reach to erase.

The next stop was an aromatherapy centre, Aswan is famous for it’s aromatherapy, where we sniffed mint and eucalyptus designed to clear your sinuses (it didn’t) and then lotus flower. We were given a flyer on what to use for what that I will scrap book later (the colour ink has run out and we can’t find any!) with the pictures. Our final stop of the morning was the Nubian Museum which had on display some amazing exhibits wonderfully labelled. Before we had lunch (which was extra as we had to check out before we left for our tour at 6am) we went on a short, 30 min,  felucca ride, fortunately there was enough wind, not like yesterday when we were on the motor boat and the feluccas were getting stranded.

In the afternoon we took the land tour of Aswan and visited the Coptic Cathedral, a mosque, the unfinished obelisk, an Aswan spice market  and finally a Nubian house that served tea and coffee to watch our final Nile sunset from.

A driver took us to Aswan airport at 6:30 pm, the flight was delayed and we finally landed at 10:30pm, to be picked up by our taxi driver and delivered home. The first thing we saw on tv when we got back was The Mummy 2, we watched the bit when he travels to Karnock (we didn’t think there was that much sand  and where was the causeway to Luxor and it was much closer to the Nile than the TV shows), and the part where you see the Temple of Philae (much more accurate) then collapsed into bed.

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