Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th January One Year On


Last night it rained! We walked back from the annual MES Science department curry night as it fell down around us. As you can guess, it was gentle rain not the tropical down pour that sometimes happens

It was this time last year the revolution started and Mubarak resigned. Now we have an elected parliament, some of the emergency laws have been lifted and Mubarak is on trial for allegedly ordering the attacks on the demonstrators that left people dead and injured.

Many Egyptians have spent today in Tahrir square celebrating their freedom, not, as the media seems to be reporting, protesting. The media also seems surprised that in a country where 90% of the people are Muslims we have an Islamist parliament. Just what did they expect? We are now waiting for the Presidential election, he then gets to tell parliament which party is in charge and can make the decisions!?

At church they have spent from 12 noon to 6pm praying for the future of the country. I went for an hour as it is a holiday today, last year they called it Police Day, this year it seems to have been un-named as the people are not happy with the police.

Tomorrow we are back to school but I suspect not all the students will be there!

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