Saturday, November 19, 2011

10th November Black Desert


We all slept well and enjoyed a good breakfast which included pancakes, cucumber and tomato, flat bread, cheese triangles, and other things I forget now. The 4x4 to take us into the desert was out of petrol so they had to send for another one with all our camping gear on! This took a while so we played cards and chatted while we waited. Finally, around 11am, we set off. We journeyed up and down sand dunes, there are 5 types of sand dunes of which 4 can be found in Egypt Geoff tells me!


The black desert was first, formed from volcanic action it looked like this.


Then it was on to a well for a lunch break. All the tour guides seemed to b ring their tours here and if you wanted you could sit in the spring water as it it collected. We settled for wetting our feet as we sat inside waiting for our driver to prepare our lunch. He was an  amazing cook and well worth the wait, due mainly to the drivers taking turns in the kitchen.


Then onto the White Desert and our overnight stop . . . . .

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