Saturday, November 26, 2011

11th November Sleeping out


The tour provides tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and camel hair blankets so we were all kitted out for a night of fun. The desert provided open air toilets with amazing views of the camp fires of the other tours and the moon lit (full moon) panorama.

Our amazing cook/driver produced rice, bbq chicken and an Egyptian vegetable dish, even Maddy ate the veg and asked for more!IMG_9299IMG_9302  

After dinner some of the other campers came and joined us bringing the entertainment with them. First a couple from Barnett who were spending 2 weeks in Egypt and had an amazing drummer with them and then 3 Germans heard the noise and wandered across. Copious amounts of mint tea were drunk from small cups the drummer brought with him, I tried it but didn’t like it much – too sweet for me. Every one was gone by 9:30 pm as we were all (apart from Maddy) intending to be up to see the sunrise at 5:30 am.


Sleeping in the desert can be cold, Maddy and Pritti had opted for separate tents and mentioned their faces were cold. I had Geoff and was fine!

Sunrise was slow to arrive but we were up at 5:30am ready and waiting and got to see the moon set as well.

IMG_9345 IMG_9354IMG_9362IMG_9366

Then back to bed for some extra sleep before breakfast and our final day.


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