Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sports day 14th March


The venue was the Olympic stadium in Maadi so Maddy and I walked across at 8am for an 8:15 start. Of course it didn’t start on time in fact I think we waited over an hour for the festivities to begin. I had been given the job of ‘Finishing Line Official’ and was responsible for making decisions on the final position of the runners. There was a team of timers supporting me and sitting the runners in the final places and mostly things went ok. There were a couple of occasions where the stop watches let us down and at one point it was hard to hear the starter’s air horn. He didn’t get a gun because ‘they’ thought people would be unsettled with it . All in all it was a busy day and I was relieved to be working rather than being on crowd control.


Maddy ran in the 800m, for Thebes, there were 2 competitors and she managed a valiant second.


Karnock was the winning house at the end of the day with over 1000 points


my only action snaps of the day.

the hurdles, Mr Brian (head of English department), Mr Jamie announcer and winner of the dreadful shirt competition


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