Sunday, February 26, 2012

26th February Mosquito Madness


It may only be February but with Geoff away for the past few days the mozzies thought they would have a free meal! Technically there is/was only one of them but the wee beastie was either particularly hungry or I am especially delicious. From beneath my two duvets I don’t offer much of a target so he creatively sucked from all the fingers on my left hand and three spots on my left arm working up towards my elbow, with desert from my face. None of the attacks lasted very long but each was designed to disrupt my sleep and left me itchy and scratching.

In retaliation I have extracted the mosquito net we bought in New Zealand (at The Warehouse - where everyone gets a bargain) and hung it from the light fitting. It is attached to the bedposts with 2 elastic bands and will stay there until Geoff returns to do his manly duty and kills the offending creature. This is a strange and somewhat tiresome process potentially lasting all night. Geoff will lie in bed in his not moving but not falling to sleep position waiting to hear the warning buzz of an incoming attack. This makes it difficult, but not impossible, for anyone else in the bed, namely me, to fall asleep. As the attack commences Geoff will leap out of bed to see where the somewhat frightened creature has gone, with the whipping of a towel or slapping of a shoe the mozzie is spread across  the wall or ceiling. If I am lucky this will happen at the first attack but there have been occasions where the mozzie and Geoff have competed for supremacy all night. Geoff always wins and we have a battle scared bedroom wall to testify to this, if only the mozzies recognised their fallen compatriots and took the hint we would be safe. Fortunately I am now adequately guarded and Geoff will return soon.


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  1. Delightful piece of prose here Pam...perhaps prolific ponderings perfectly pop with your personality?