Thursday, September 22, 2011

Famous Cairo Tessellation


So today I got an email from somebody called ‘tessellationfanatic’ , via the blog comments thingy, who tells me one of my pavement photos I took when we first got here is famous! They sent me a link to 2 sites both with further information on them.

So this is all quite exciting. I have emailed David Bailey at the second site to see if it was him but if not I’m not too sure what to do next and how to email back my mysterious tessellation fanatic!

The picture was taken in a district of Maadi in September 2010 as I was wandering the streets, probably on the way to church or Road 9. Now I know it is famous I will have to incorporate it into a lesson somehow. Oh and the picture ? . . . this one

19 pavement

and there was me getting excited about Ada Lovelace Day on October 7th

Picture1 and the online comic about The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage that Maddy and I chuckled our way through.  It has to be read! (Geoff was very boring and painted models while we did this).

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