Friday, October 21, 2011

21st October Still here


Despite recent events we are still here and unaffected by what is going on. We have had a quiet week but seem to be very busy as well. Geoff has been to the dentist to have more work done on his tooth, all that remains is one more trip on Tuesday to add a crown.

Maddy has gone to spend the weekend with her friend Louisa so Geoff and I are going to have a quiet evening in together. For various reasons I have not done any school work all day, instead I printed off some photos of Ascension and started my New Zealand scrap book. I shopped in the UK at Hobby Craft and various other outlets and brought the stuff back in the summer. Anyway this is the first page. I found the mirrored New Zealand shape in Timaru and journaled the label as my mentor taught me (on both sides). I hope she approves of the start I have made Smile.



The pictures are awful, but you get the idea. (without flash, then with flash)

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  1. I LIKE! Double-sided tags, what a great idea. You must have a clever mentor :)