Thursday, August 11, 2011

7th August Ikea lunch

We got up too late to get to church before the service ended, so I listened to an Old Testament sermon Nick had given me when we were in New Zealand. I am on my third now after having listened to 2 on the plane coming over. They are overviews of the books of the OT and are quite informative. Anyway, we turned up as they were tidying up after the service so managed a bite of cake and then Linda and Pete invited us round for a quite cup of tea. It was good to catch up, Scott has got so tall!

We drove to Ikea afterwards just to look round. The car park was heaving so we parked near DFS and walked up. Lunch was meatballs, how could it be anything else? Maddy said she remembered the taste but not having eaten them before.


WE managed to get out without buying anything and then wandered round the rest of the retail park before heading off to a roast chicken dinner at Mum’s. Alison was there as well because she was taking Maddison away to stay with her for a couple of nights with big plans for theme parks and dvd’s.

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